First Draft Play

First Draft is a play that explores a fast-paced world in contrast to a future world that exists in a protection unit far away from the Earth’s surface. Inspired by conversations about war and E.M. Forster’s The Machine Stops, First Draft is an eclectic play of many voices, taking us on a journey from a cocktail bar playing Miles Davis to a memory laboratory in the future, First Draft takes us on a journey and playfully jostles us to wake up. First Draft is a satirical statement against an apathetic society. READ MORE

Another Room

The film follows an investigation with an Egyptian male who is accused of killing an officer during the Egyptian revolution.
Ali and Yassin got arrested during the events of the January revolution to be questioned by the national security. A lot of facts are revealed which Ali's mind refuses to acknowledge, and he starts to break down.
Will he confess, and admit it was him who did all those things? READ MORE


Against the will of her parents; Sarah tries to choose the field of her education with the help of her friend Amal.
She then faces difficulties in taking responsibility for her decision. READ MORE

Ward Abyad

Mariam works as an artist, she is busy on her day off with a file that has been lost from her office.
for that - and with no intentions - she ignores the white roses her husband sent and ignores all his tries to get their relationship improved.
Only when she loses him, she had to look back in her past and remember her life with her father to find out the reason of the confusion and fear she is always living with. READ MORE

kan Mara Fi Walad

A child is locked in his room after his father punished him. His ball falls down from the window of his room by mistake, his father refuses to help him. He then decides to go down the street himself to get the ball. There he gets to know a child from the street that takes him to his world. READ MORE

A Thousand Nights

A prisoner is placed in solitary prison to complete the time left of his imprisonment and finds that he is not alone; a strange series of events begin and he spends a different night of a thousand nights. READ MORE

The Circle

A day in a life of an employee working in a private company suffering from cruelty of capitalism which made him in struggle between being cruel as them or not.

Ali's Secret

Written and directed by: Mona Daoud
Starring: Sedky Sakhr | Ghida Nouri | Luke Lenher
Produced by: Studio ZAT | Mona Daoud
DOP: Mohamed Khaled
Sound engineering: Ahmed Sobeih