Studio ZAT Presents First Draft Play at Falaki Theater
Cairo, Egypt | Sunday- 13 November, 2016:

Studio ZAT, in collaboration with Falaki Theater, will present Canadian director Sarah Warren's play First Draft. The play is written by Coleen MacPherson who also directs a Devised Theater Workshop at Studio ZAT.

After receiving massive success during its theater run in Canada and London, Studio ZAT is reintroducing the play, this time starring Egyptian actors. First Draft is a play that explores a futuristic world inspired by E.M. Forster's science fiction novel The Machine Stops, which takes place in a dystopian world where civilization has collapsed and humans have taken sanctuary underground as their lives now depend on a huge machine that provides them with their basic needs after the earth's surface has no longer become habitable.

A Canadian director, writer and actor, Sarah Warren lives in London and works as a film tutor at five universities in London, Canada, Malaysia and the U.S. Sarah delivered Acting for Camera workshop at Studio ZAT as part of a Cultural exchange agreement.

Studio ZAT aims to offer specialized workshops for amateur and professional actors to advance their craft. Participants are taught by Egyptian and foreign trainers within a suitable environment. The studio also offers an acting workshop, which includes special training concerning cameras, theatre, filmmaking for beginners, theatre direction, body dynamics, scriptwriting, as well as acting workshops for children to bring out their creativity and enhance their communication and storytelling skills.

Show Times for Studio ZAT's First Draft Play (GMT+2)

23, 24, 25 November at 8:00 PM in Falaki Theater
Ticket price: EGP 30 (available at Studio Emad Eddin starting November 16th)