Studio ZAT Offers Vocal Training Workshop with Mohamed Osman
Cairo, Egypt | Tuesday- 12 July, 2016:

Starting Today, July 12th, Studio ZAT will launch its vocal training workshop led by Voice Coach Mohamed Osman, Music Consultant, Conductor and Maestro of Ayamna El Helwa band. The workshop will be for two months.

The participants will be trained on how to deliver messages through vocal training. The coaching includes relaxation exercises, breathing techniques and vocal exercises which to help in with pronouncing words properly when singing, and developing speech skills.

Mohamed Osman is a voice coach, music consultant, conductor and maestro of Ayamna El Helwa band. He was born in Cairo in 1973 and grew up with passion for music and instruments. He learned to play the violin during high school and in university he became conductor and trainer of the Faculty of Commerce music and singing band. He also joined several bands from other colleges and institutes. After graduation, Osman founded Ayamna El Helwa band, which aims to cover songs from Egyptian folkloric heritage as well as modern songs, in addition to singing their own compositions. The band presents various types of songs that appeal to all ages. They were also featured on two episodes of Sahibet Al-Saada with the great Isaad Younis, which were highly viewed.

Mohamed began working in voice training several years ago, drawing on his experience in voice coaching bands, in addition to conducting extensive studies and research work on training techniques and world theories. Aside from his private business, he worked as a voice coach and music consultant on Soot Al Hayah program on Al Hayah channel and achieved great success through his work there.

Studio ZAT aims to offer specialized workshops for amateur and professional actors to advance their craft. Participants are taught by Egyptian and foreign trainers within a suitable environment. The studio also offers an acting workshop, which includes special training concerning cameras, theatre, filmmaking for beginners, theatre direction, body dynamics, scriptwriting, as well as acting workshops for children to bring out their creativity and enhance their communication and storytelling skills.

Details of Studio ZAT Vocal Training Workshop The workshop will start on Tuesday,July 12th for two months And will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:00 pm. Price: 1000 EGP For more information and registration: