Studio ZAT Starts a Crowdfunding Campaign to Support the First Draft Theater Performance on Zoomaal Platform
Cairo, Egypt | Sunday - 6 November, 2016:

Carrying on with offering new opportunities for talented artists, Studio ZAT starts a crowdfunding campaign for the First Draft theater performance on the crowdfunding platform Zoomaal with the purpose of encouraging financial and moral support for the project.

Zoomaal is a regional crowdfunding platform that aims to encourage innovative projects in the Arab world. The platform is an initiative financed by four major Arab investors. It raised more than $200,000 so far for several success stories. Zoomaal has been able to grab the attention of international media, and was recently featured on CNN, Forbes, Booz & Co., New York Times, Wamda and others.

Directed by Sarah Warren, and written by Coleen Mac Pherson, First Draft theater performance explores a fast-paced world in contrast to a future world that exists in a protection unit far away from the Earth's surface. Inspired by E.M. Forster's The Machine Stops, First Draft is an eclectic play of many voices, taking us on a journey from a cocktail bar playing Miles Davis, to a memory laboratory in the future. The play takes us on a journey and playfully jostles us to wake up. First Draft is a satirical statement against an apathetic society.

Studio ZAT cooperated with AUC Falaki Theater to present the First Draft theater performance after its great success in Canada and London. The performance will be taking place on November 23rd, 24th, and 25th at 8:00 pm.

You can show your support for the First Draft theater performance through this link: Studio ZAT aims to offer specialized workshops for amateur and professional actors to advance their craft. Participants are taught by Egyptian and foreign trainers within a suitable environment. The studio also offers an acting workshop, which includes special training concerning cameras, theatre, filmmaking for beginners, theatre direction, body dynamics, scriptwriting, as well as acting workshops for children to bring out their creativity and enhance their communication and storytelling skills.