Studio ZAT Organizes a Cinematography Workshop Mentored by DOP Ahmad Al Morsy
Cairo, Egypt | Saturday- 2 July, 2016:

Amid great interaction from an audience that is enthusiastic about filmmaking, Studio ZAT held a lecture on cinematography led by Director of Photography Ahmed Al Morsy, as part of the Filmmaking Workshop activities organized by the studio.

During the lecture, Al Morsy spoke about the function of the Director of Photography and his role in creating the film, as well as his different responsibilities like how he visually interprets the written screenplay in accordance with the director's vision, and how to choose the right type of negative and lighting equipment. Al Morsy relied on previous works he had taken part in to clarify his points, such as Aswar Al Amar (Walls of the Moon), Wedding Song, and The Blue Elephant.

The lecture had a great turnout from the filmmaking workshop students who interacted very well with Al Morsy and asked many questions concerning his previous works and how he achieves his vision. Additionally, Al Morsy gave them advice on how to launch their careers in the filmmaking business.

Studio ZAT aims to offer specialized workshops for amateur and professional actors to advance their craft. Participants are taught by Egyptian and foreign trainers within a suitable environment. The studio also offers an acting workshop, which includes special training concerning cameras, theater, filmmaking for beginners, theater direction, body dynamics, scriptwriting, as well as acting workshops for children aged 8 to 12 to bring out their creativity and enhance their communication and storytelling skills.