Cairo, Egypt | Friday - 9 March, 2018:

Film Making & Funding Grant with Hala Galal:

Celebrating 3 years studio ZAT, Tahrir Lounge Goethe and studio ZAT are organizing a free film making and how to write a file to help produce a film workshop with Hala Galal.


How can you get a funding grant for your film? Writing an interesting treatment that sets the dimensions of the character, creating a drama/conflict with increasing with the sequence of events, and a plot (beginning - middle - end)? What are the rules between the different parties of filmmaking industry? How do you get opportunities for production grants and distributing your film, in addition to participating in film festivals?

The key elements:

- Seminar on filmmaking (introduction and definitions) The rules between the different parties of filmmaking industry and its development throughout history
- Screenwriting Building the plot (beginning - middle - end) Drama = Conflict
- Types of films A review of the filmmaking industry (production and distribution opportunities and challenges) How to write proposals for the film to win grants How to write an exciting treatment for your film How to write a distinctive log line for your film Target audience of the workshop Young people who have at least a story or treatment for a documentary or feature film (long or short) that can be developed during the workshop (writing / proposal) The workshop aspires to prepare proposals to help the filmmaker to find suitable support for his/her project.

1 session
22nd of March
Duration: 3 hours from 1 PM to 4 PM
Cost: FREE
Deadline for applying: 18th of March.
Address: 5 El-Bostan st., from Talaat Harb, down-town, Goethe Institute.
Applications will be filtered and the names of the accepted applicants will be announced on 19th of March; 20 applicants will be chosen.

Refund Conditions:
20% of the value of the workshop will be deducted after the first lecture, 50% after the second lecture, and the refund will be cancelled after the third lecture.

*Applicants should send a short film story, a scenario for a feature film or a scenario treatment for a feature film on:

And the Google form has to be filled.

Targeted students for the workshop:
Between 16 and 36 years old.

About "Hala Galal"
Hala Galal is a film director, script writer and producer. She is one of the pioneers in supporting independent filmmaking in Egypt. She has directed more than 18 films and produced more than 15. Her long documentary Women ChitChat won the Silver Prize at the Arab Rotterdam Film Festival in 2006. Hala has participated in several local and international film festivals in recent years, and has been a guest speaker and lecturer in many festivals, conferences and workshops. In addition to working on her personal projects, she created SEMAT an organization for supporting independent cinema and young filmmakers in Egypt and the Arab World. SEMAT Production and Distribution, offers formation for young directors and producers. In a short time SEMAT became a hub for young directors by offering workshops, funding opportunities and human resources. Hala organises and teaches filmmaking and produced many films in SEMAT.
She is a member of jury in: - Berlin Film Festival, Cinema Fairbindet Award, 2012. - FIPA Film Festival in France 2007, - Ismailia International Festival for Documentary and Short, Egypt,2004-2008. - A member in the evaluating committee for the Dox Box Fund 2015, - A member in the evaluating committee for Screen Institute Beirut 2010, 2015