Acting without acting with daniele legler
Cairo, Egypt | Tuesday - 12 February, 2019:

Studio ZAT offers a free 5 days acting workshop with actor Daniele Legler.

About Daniele Legler:
Daniele Legler is an Italian-born professional actor with 30 years of stage and film experience, who has been internationally recognized for his knowledge, passion and dedication as a lecturer and teacher of Chekhov's acting techniques. He graduated from the State Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zurich in Switzerland, and one of the leaders in teaching classes of acting skills worldwide, using the technique of the unsurpassed Mikhail Chekhov. Daniele was fortunate to collaborate with a friend and associate of Mikhail Chekhov, Georgy Zhdanov, in Los Angeles and Munich and enjoyed a close friendship with Ms Bonner till her last days in Zurich, who was a patron and founder of the Chekhov-Bonner company in Paris. Daniele was invited to theatrical and film festivals in USA (New York, Los Angeles), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) and Europe (Athens, Munich, Berlin) to present his masterclass as part of the programs at the international festivals. Daniele delivered his thesis/research about Chekhov as a panel member of the international festival at the Victorian College of the Arts - part of the University of Melbourne, one of the high-ranking educational institutions in the world. In November 2017, at the invitation of the 11th Russia Abroad International Movie Festival in Moscow, Russian State Institute of Performing Arts in St Petersburg, Sverdlovsk Film Studios, Daniele presented his Australian-made documentary ‘The Theatre of the Future’, and delivered the workshops for teachers, actors and students of professional theatre schools to more over than 450 people and 2000 online students On his second visit to Russia, in November 2018, Daniele trained over 500 actors and introduced his revolutionary series “Out of the Box”, designed for general public and business people, responding to a growing demand to bring the unique actors training technique from stage to life. Actor, director, coach and follower of Mikhail Chekhov for many years, Daniele designed and developed The Chekhov Actor's Training which is being offered worldwide in English, German, French and Italian in three-hour, three-four day, up to two weekly programs for professional actors, film/stage directors, students of acting colleges and casting agents to excel in their profession. The audiences included groups (20 to 250 people) and individual sessions (1-4 actors). He has also worked in the following;

Cinema (selection)
1998 2 men, 2 women, 4 problems Olga Film V. Naefe
1998 The pharmacist Senator Film R. Kaufmann
1994 Gray of the sky R. Werner
1993 Death in shallow water satellite film, Wega film I. Gyöngyössy u.a.

TV (selection)
Year Title Production Director
2012 A summer in Amalfi ZDF J. Papavassiliou
2012 cruise to happiness - Sicily ZDF D. Kehler
2011 Alarm for Cobra 11 Family Affairs RTL S. Thiel
2009 Love without mint ARD K. Wichniarz
2006 In the valley of the wild roses - heart in the wind ZDF O. Dommenget
2005-06 A love on Lake Garda, in 22 episodes ZDF K. Kases
2002 The Clown - Schutzgeld RTL M. Kreindl
2002 Crime Scene - Romeo & Julia ARD / SWR N. Weegmann
2000 I give you my husband ZDF K. Hattop
2000 SK Kölsch - Star Wars SAT.1 W. Engelhardt
1999 The Streets of Berlin Pro7 W. Masten
1999 The Bull of Tölz - Murder in the rectory SAT.1 W. Wicker
1999 Two aces and a king ZDF B. Fischerauer
1998 Rosamunde Pilcher - Magic of Love ZDF R. von Sydow
1998 Art theft WDR R. Dohm
1997 Rays of Delusion ORF / DRS / Canal + R. B. Kiser
1996 An impossible wedding ZDF H. Sczerba
1996 The writing on the wall BBC / Arte P. Smith u.a.
1992-95 The partners ARD J. Rusnak
1992-95 The Sahara Project ZDF / Rai H. Noever
1991 crime scene - The murderer and the prince ARD K. Heidelbach
1989 Tatort - Howald's case ARD U.

Theatre 1991-92 The Zoostory riding school, Munich D. Legler
1989-90 The Little Prince TAK Lichtenstein H. Foron
1989 Leonce and Lena Stadthalle Stuttgart H. Foron
1978-79 is not paid Südostbay. City Theater F. Fink
1978-79 Katharina Blum Südostbay. City Theater V. Strasser
1978-79 Biberpelz Südostbay. City Theater G. U. Feller
1978-79 Hamlet Südostbay. City Theater K. Schlette
1977-78 Don Carlos Southeast Bay. City Theater F. Fink
1977-78 The little fat 'Knight Southeast Bay. City Theater S. Kolo
1977-78 The Mohrin Südostbay. City Theater G. Vierow
1973-74 The werewolf theater Claque Baden J. Grädel
1973-74 Three musketeers Staatstheater Trier V. Hesse