Cairo, Egypt | Thursday - 15 December, 2018:

Studio ZAT offers advanced screen writing master class with Ayman el Amir

Although writing dialogue is an integral element in the development process of any film script, it does not get as much attention, for too many different reasons. This intensive workshop will provide tools, give exercises, and raise discussions about what effective dialogue means. Limited number of participants will be selected based on the quality of their previous work.

will be held on the 25th of December
from 6 to 10 pm
the class is for free

About Ayman El Amir
Ayman El Amir is a script consultant who works for many international institutions and labs, including Torino Film Lab, Doha Film Institute, The film prize of Robert Bosch Stiftung and Marrakesh International Film Festival. He consults privately on films and leads several international script development workshops and masterclasses. El Amir holds an MFA in screenwriting and film production. He has also worked as a film lecturer in many universities in the Middle East. As a filmmaker, he wrote, directed and produced fiction and documentary films that have screened in numerous international film festivals. Recently, he wrote, produced and co-directed the feature documentary HAPPILY EVER AFTER (with Nada Riyadh), which premiered at IDFA (International Documentary Film of Amsterdam) 2016.